Monday, January 11, 2010

Garlic Mustard Sauce

This is a tasty sauce with a little kick that goes great over salmon. Though I haven't tried, I imagine it would probably be delicious with chicken or other types of fish as well.

1-2 Garlic cloves
1 tsp. Olive oil
1 tsp. Grey Poupon
1-2 tbsp. Skim milk

Frying pan
Chef's knife

About 15 minutes ahead of time peel and smash the garlic. Allow the garlic to sit for 10-15 minutes to help the chemical compounds associated with garlic's beneficial health effects  remain in tact during cooking.

While you're waiting for the garlic mix together the mustard and milk. Begin by adding some of the Grey Poupon and milk and stir them together. Continue to add mustard and milk to the mix until you have a consistency that you like. The biggest factor is the amount of flavor you want from the Grey Poupon. You may decide to use less or more depending on your preference.

When the 10-15 minutes is up, chop the garlic. Heat the frying pan on low to medium heat. Add the olive oil and garlic and saute the garlic for 2 or 3 minutes. Add the garlic the the mustard and milk mixture bringing as little oil with it as possible. Mix in the garlic. Spoon over your cooked fish or poultry.

Tip: Peeling the garlic is made much easier if you have one of those garlic peeler tube thingies. I use a silicone pot holder. It works just as well and has more uses in the kitchen. Smashing the garlic is easiest with broad flat surface like a chef's knife. Simply lay the knife flat on top of the garlic clove, pressing down firmly and sliding the knife horizontally.

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